Project Description

God the Beautiful: An Introduction to Theology

Presented by Chris Wolter

Dates: Mondays 4, 11 and 18 March 2024
Time:    7:30pm – 8:45pm
Mode:  Online via Zoom
Cost:     $35 per person (+ booking fees),
$100 for Parish Groups (+ booking fees)

Description: This course introduces theological thinking in a way that is inclusive of wonder. St Augustine spoke of God as “the Beauty”, ever ancient, ever new. In so doing, he was not merely being poetic, but explaining how God is the desire of every heart, not merely beautiful, but beauty itself, closer to us—and all things—than we are to ourselves; yet totally other, mysterious, and outside of human reckoning. That does not mean we cannot say anything about God. That is what this course does, introduces one to language and ideas of “God-talk”. Drawing on thinkers like Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and St John Paul II, as well St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas, the thought-provoking three-part program will make God-ology enjoyable and accessible.

The Presenter: Chris initially studied philosophy and theology with the Dominican Friars, and has been teaching theology at the University of Notre Dame Australia for 13 years. He also has a degree in Fine Art and is interested in art history, painting, and liturgical arts.

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