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A warm welcome to the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation.

Established by Archbishop Fisher OP in 2020, our Centre dedicates itself to the support of parishes, migrant chaplaincies and other Eucharistic communities in their fidelity to the person and mission of Jesus Christ.

Charged with the development and implementation of our Archdiocese’s Mission Plan, Go Make Disciples, our teams work together with the priests, parishes and communities of Sydney, with the conviction that the encounter with Jesus Christ changes lives.

As well, we believe that every parish and Eucharistic community is a true sign and witness to the presence of Christ, a people gathered around the Word and sacraments where faith is nurtured into discipleship and enters the world through our words and deeds. In this way, every parish, migrant chaplaincy, and ecclesial movement is a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit who keeps us faithful to Jesus in the present and sends us out to share His Good News with boldness.

Whether through assisting local communities in the work of parish renewal, accompanying the newly engaged in their journey to marriage, or sharing the good news of the Church in Sydney through digital media and communications, our staff are committed to serving the spiritual needs of a changing city and suburbs and to supporting the call to discipleship which is made to all.

In this changing landscape, we are challenged as a Church to be bold and creative in proclaiming Christ, preaching the abiding Gospel in new ways and supporting our communities as outposts of Jesus’ Great Commission. We honour and celebrate the rich faith and good works that are already present and active in our parishes and communities and at the same time hear the Gospel’s call to ongoing conversion and constant spiritual renewal.

As shared by Archbishop Anthony, “We have great scope and desire to increase the practical support of local communities in their focus on being and making disciples, in their mission to constantly evangelise the hearts of parishioners, invite baptised Catholics back into active involvement in the Church, and reach out to those who do not yet know Christ and that their home is with us.” It is this support and mission that our Centre serves.

Thank you for visiting our website where you will find more information on each team within our Centre, the support available to you and your community, and contact details to connect with our staff.

Yours in Christ,

Daniel Ang
Director, Sydney Centre for Evangelisation

Parish Renewal Team

The Parish Renewal Team supports parishes that are seeking to renew their communities as places of encounter with the living Christ and centres of evangelisation and outreach in love and mercy. The team does this principally by providing practical support for parishes seeking to engage strategies for spiritual and structural renewal outlined in the Archdiocesan Mission Plan Go Make Disciples.

Elliott Bowen – Acting Parish Renewal Manager
Barbara Perry – Community Engagement Manager
Tania Rimac – Alpha Parish Development Coordinator
Sr Anastasia Reeves Op – Parish Renewal Officer
Helen Wagner – Parish Renewal Officer

Contact The Team
Tel: (02) 9390 5330
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.gomakedisciples.org.au

Sydney Catholic Youth

Sydney Catholic Youth serves the commission of Christ to ‘go make disciples’, walking with young people toward an ever deeper encounter with Christ in the midst of the Church for the transformation of the world.

In alignment with the vision of the Archdiocese, Sydney Catholic Youth seeks to evangelise, inviting young people to encounter the joy of Christ and His Church; equips leaders to follow Christ, lead others, discern vocation and build up God’s Kingdom; create and facilitate the experience of intentional Christian community; support and build up young people in holiness, faith and understanding; and to raise their hearts and minds to God in worship and prayer.

Sydney Catholic Youth lives out these priorities in three key areas: parish youth ministry, creating spiritual, social and formative events across parishes and deaneries to facilitate encounters with Christ, the Church and one another, and engaging primary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese in conjunction with Sydney Catholic Schools to foster greater communication, formation and support within the schools between teachers, students and the Church as well as connecting students with their parishes and other activities.

Milad Khalil – Team Leader
John Nguyen – Youth Officer
Anna Harrison – Youth Officer

Contact The Team
Tel: (02) 9307 8152
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.sydneycatholicyouth.org
Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/SydneyCatholicYouth

Life, Marriage and Family

The Life, Marriage and Family team provide parish-based marriage and family support, supporting, guiding and building up a culture of life, marriage and family within parishes and across deaneries.

It provides formation and support opportunities and events for parents and leading couples in parishes; working with priests and parishes to help create, sustain and expand marriage and family culture; and delivering resources to assist in this mission.

The team also provides for the spiritual needs of the faith community and those on the peripheries through the facilitation of focused prayer opportunities, liturgies, retreats, Masses celebrated for various occasions, and prayer and healing ministries.

David Harrison – Team Leader
Simon Yeak – Sacramental Life And Rcia Coordinator
Ivica Kovac – Life, Marriage And Family Officer
Hashya Weerakkody – Life, Marriage And Family Officer – Marriage Focus
Sally Hood – Catholic Women’s Network Officer
Jessica Doherty – Catholic Women’s Network Project Officer

Contact The Team
Tel: (02) 9307 8480
[email protected]
Follow us on Facebook:

Communications and News Media

The Communications and News Media team share the good works of the Church in Sydney, communicating the message of the Gospel as expressed in the people, communities and ministries of the Archdiocese.

It seeks to engage the general public and the mainstream media and provides support to parishes, chaplaincies and other Eucharistic communities in helping them share their stories through the media, inviting new people to Christ.

Marcus Middleton – Director
Michael Kenny – Manager

Contact The Team
Tel: 0439 350 692
Email: [email protected]

The Catholic Weekly

The Catholic Weekly assists and serves the Church in its mission by disseminating news, information and stories of faith and evangelisation which help inform and inspire the daily lives of Catholics, families, parish communities and other faith communities across the Archdiocese.

It is sold in parishes and via subscription around Australia every week.

The paper also maintains a digital news website www.catholicweekly.com.au, Facebook and Twitter page.

This ministry supports the mission of the Church by reporting on inspiring ways in which Catholics and communities can make Christ known to the world.

Our journalism seeks to inspire others by what they see and read, whether it be in families or parish communities.

Our print and digital platforms also report on state, national and international news – relevant to the Church so that Catholics have a reliable source of information they know they can trust.

Its story-telling also serves the Church by sharing and promoting individual and parish events and initiatives to build the common good of the Archdiocese and, more widely, the Church in Australia.

We are especially committed to supporting parish priests as the leaders of our parish communities, and seek to be a resource to which they can always turn to help disseminate good news with a wider audience. Details of parish news, including contacts, can be sent to [email protected]

Peter Rosengren – Editor
Debbie Cramsie – Senior Multimedia Journalist
Adam Wesselinoff – Multimedia Journalist
Marilyn Rodrigues – Multimedia Journalist
Steve Richards – Advertising And Marketing Manager
Katie Clarke – Advertising Sales
Rita Ng – Agency Accountant
Louisa Bunawijaya – Administration Officer

Website: catholicweekly.com.au
Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/thecatholicweekly

Digital and Design

Digital and Design strives to creatively respond to our call to Go Make Disciples and bring people into encounter with Jesus Christ.

We do this by embracing new and existing media and communication strategies to ensure that our message reaches the people of God wherever they are.

The team has expertise in traditional print and graphic design including posters, banners, flyers, prayer cards, bookmarks, brochures and booklets; digital graphics for websites and social media; website design, development and hosting; digital newsletter production; videography and podcasting services; social media strategy and digital communication strategy.

The Digital and Design team are committed to working collaboratively with our clergy and parishes to assist them in communicating their mission through the best possible and/or most suitable means available, in a professional and personal manner.

Peter Rodrigues – Team Leader
Charlie Azzi – Graphic Designer
Hannah Saccasan – Graphic Designer
Renate Cassis – Multimedia Designer
Mathew De Sousa – Multimedia Designer
Anthony Milic – Videographer and Multimedia Designer
Alan Nona – Web Designer

Contact The Team
Tel: (02) 9390 5327
Email: [email protected]

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